Let us begin with the technical stuff. We mostly work with open source software – for back-end solutions, it’s Ruby, PHP, Angular, Node JS, and Python. For front-end – JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery.

Bored enough? We did consider omitting the first paragraph at all, but experts told us we wouldn’t seem professional without it, so there you have it. But what we really want to talk about is our programming team. You might be surprised, but even programmers are people.

While we don’t keep them strangled at our office, we have a vast network of partners whom we absolutely trust. Based mostly in Russia and Ukraine, they are essentially what you would think of Russian hackers – capable of doing absolutely anything and, more often than not, that is way beyond the clients’ dreams. Just subtract the naughty part – all of them are driven by the common goal of delivering the best possible solutions.

Led by our CEO Arvo – a professional Matrix architect that speaks Russian better than Pushkin (he says so himself, at least, and we wouldn’t dare to argue), our team of programmers is always looking beyond the technical part and into the big picture. And we never think of them as hopeless no-lifers; in fact, we believe they are truly inspiring creators.